The Social Network 2
November 23rd, 2011

The Social Network 2

First of all I really enjoyed The Social Network. I didn’t think that I would, but I did 🙂 I watched it on the flight back to Sweden earlier this year and I was pleasantly surprised.  The marketing around the movie though was very very overblown.


Oh yeah, and for some reason whenever I think of The Social Network now, I think of it as a “brown” movie. Because  whenever I see a screenshot from the actual movie, it’s always brownish. Hence the brown tinge of the comic 😛 I don’t think I ever reflected upon that while watching the movie. Hmmm.


I got the idea for this comic as I saw the title of a trailer on youtube called “The Social Network 2” and well… This idea just popped into my mind before I even watched the trailer. The trailer was funny though. So after actually watching it I might have come up with an even better idea. But I still went with this one 🙂 But ask yourself, without watching the youtube video, how would a Social Network sequel look like? Yeah you were probably thinking the same thing as I was 🙂 A guy checking his Facebook for three hours.


Not to sound like a broken record but yeah I am getting a little bit tired of re-using the same stuff over and over in the comic. But we should be getting back to our old apartment soon! 😀 Woho!


Now I am off to take care of my sick Sam. But you guys take care and I will see you soon!