Soul Food
May 29th, 2024

Soul Food

I’ve got to admit that I’m quite surprised I haven’t used that title for any previous comic. Especially considering that Cthulhu devours souls. Oh well!

So long story short: Work keeps kicking my ass as usual so it’s a sprint to finish up these comic strips at the end of the month. At least this time I’ve got something to look forward to. My vacation!
But it’s not just any vacation. I’ll be leaving the country for 6 weeks! Woho! So I will be leaving tomorrow. But once I leave I won’t be able to make any new comics for 6 weeks, since I don’t have a laptop to bring with me to make the comics.

And since I’m not able to do that, I figured I’d at least make this comic before I leave!
I should be able to finish up another comic before Saturday. If I get the punchline right.

Anyways, you’re amazing as always, my dudes and dudettes for reading my dumb comics and hopefully enjoying them! I really appriciate everything you guys do.

I’ll catch you dudes on the flippity flop !