Ghost Chicken
April 30th, 2024

Ghost Chicken

Two comics in a month? Whuuut?! So you might have noticed that the comic uploads have been a bit thin on the ground these past few weeks, and for that, I gotta apologize. I’ve been juggling more than a circus clown on caffeine, barely managing to catch my breath, let alone whip up new comics. But hey, fear not, my faithful friends! I’m giving it my all to keep those creative juices flowing. It’s like attempting to balance a plate of spaghetti on a unicycle while juggling flaming chainsaws – challenging as heck, and a bit dangers, but not entirely impossible (at least, I hope not)!

But here’s the silver lining – I’m getting back on track. I’ve got a ton of ideas brewing in the ol’ noggin, just waiting for the perfect moment to burst out. So trust me, more comics are on the horizon. In the midst of this chaotic whirlwind, your support has been my anchor, my rock, my North Star. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking around, even during this comic drought.

I can’t express how much your understanding and patience mean to me. Stay awesome, stay tuned, and let’s tackle these challenges head-on!

Catch you on the flip side, my rad friends!