New Year’s Resolutions
December 31st, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

Last day of the year folks!

Hope you guys are really partying in the new year! Show 2016 who’s the boss! What I am going to do? Well to be honest, I’ll probably just try to stay awake until midnight and enjoy the fireworks with the family and that’s that. The last couple of years I’ve bee so tired that I completely slept through midnight and… Yeah I’ve got to admit it’s boring but OH WELL! What can you do?

Also, who is excited about the new Spider Man movie Homecoming? I sure am! I mean, I can understand that people are annoyed that they are starting all over again but, I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t seen the Amazing Spider Man movies. Well I mean I started watching the first one but it was painful to watch and I couldn’t finish it. So they never happened in my mind. And now that they are working in Spidey into the MCU… Yeah I am sold! 😀

And hey! Who is that that Cthulhu is nibbling on in the last frame? It’s Mr.Battles from the super awesome webcomic Don’t Hit Save by Jeff Lofvers! You should definetly go and read it! Jeff is an awesome friend of the comic and deserves A LOT more readers than he already has.

Happy New Year, slacker dudes and dudettes! 😀