World of Pr0nCraft
September 25th, 2016

World of Pr0nCraft

As you know my site’s got a couple of ads on it. And mostly it’s nothing too ordinary. Either it’s ads for another webcomic or some kickstarter game or whatever. But sometimes we get something very very special in those ads. And yeah, this time around I found this special gem.

I haven’t clicked the link yet, but it’s quite interesting isn’t it? I mean, in this day and age when there are plenty of porn streaming sites just a few clicks away, why would you take the time to click a dodgy link, download and run a dodgy program that may or may not be infected with a ton of malware just to see some weird looking CGI boobs?

Then again, like I said, I didn’t click the link, Maybe it’s the most awesome thing ever and I am completely missing out? Click it on your own risk I guess! 😛

Enjoy, fellow slackers!