Spartan Kick
April 22nd, 2020

Spartan Kick

I’m a huge Assassin’s Creed fan. Huuuge! I’ve got all the games so far except for AC: Freedom Cry (Because I didn’t even know that was a stand alone gamer until yesterday to be honest). BUT I did get a bad taste in my mouth after AC: Syndicate, and I have stayed away from the series for a while… Well up until last week when I started playing AC: Odyssey!

And I’ve got to tell ya. It’s a damn fun game. REALLY fun! And what makes it even more fun is to kick enemies off of mountains 300 style with the Spartan kick. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you do it or the 47th, it’s still a lot of fun 😛

I am obviously a man of culture. Yes.

Also it was fun to dig up the ol’ 300 cape from back in the day 🙂

Stay awesome, you fantastic people!

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