Vacation Time!
August 28th, 2013

Vacation Time!

So last week I was on vacatoin 🙂 Wooho! Only thing is whenever I go on vacation I always, ALWAYS… Okay mostly, get a cold. And I always forget that that happens.

So this time I had my mind set on making comics and doing some work on the KOS book. But even though I got sick I still had a very relaxing vacation with my awesome wife and our baby girl (coming soon!) 🙂 So it turned out alright.

There’s still some weird problems with the KOS webpage though. For some reason my connection at home and at work won’t let me see the webpage. I am still troubleshooting it at the moment. Seems like everyone else can see it though so that is good at least 😛

So see you guys later, interwebs people!