Back To The Capital Wasteland
March 13th, 2011

Back To The Capital Wasteland

I made this comc a while back while I was in Australia and I had Fallout 3 withdrawals. Yes. I am that big of a Fallout nerd that I get withdrawals sometimes 😛 But it’s okay! At least I got an awesome comic about it, eh? 🙂


So my long time readers might have figured this out already, but this one is kind of a sequel to one of my old Fallout 3 comics “Bums In The Wasteland” so if you haven’t tead it yet, just click the link and do so to understan the hatred towards this bum 🙂


Oh yeah. It’s a lot more fun to mess with the bum once you got the awesome stealth ninja suit. You should try it sometime 🙂


So in other news, I’ve finally got the wacom hooked up to my old computer and we’ e seattled in well in my apartment, but the new comics aren’t being done as fast as I hoped. But don’t you guys worry. I’m sure I’ll have something for you next Wednesday 🙂


Well that’s all for now folks. I’ll be off to some new adventures and I’ll see you guys again on Wednesday! 🙂 See ya!