The After Effects Effect
June 25th, 2016

The After Effects Effect

So I’ve been working on a 10 years of KOS special video lately and I’ve been using a lot of Adobe After Effects and let me tell you, IT IS FRUSTRATING to say the least. Everyone knows that selecting a few layers and appying a graphical effect on those selected layers would give them all the same looking effect, yeah? Nope! Well… Sometimes, if you are lucky, but mostly… Nope! It’ll just apply the effect on the first layer you selected.

What program works like this?!!?!

It’s been more than one occation that I’ve been very temped to fling this laptop out the window, I can tell you that. But oh well! It is coming along anyway, even if it is very slowly. But I’ll show you guys the video once it is done. Promise 🙂

Enjoy, fellow slackers!