Everyone’s A Critic
November 5th, 2016

Everyone’s A Critic

This is kind of sort of based true thing that happened a while back. I was posting my comic to Reddit to get some more traffic to the site and I figured it went pretty well for a well for a while.

Then I noticed that visitors came to the site through a Reddit post that wasn’t mine and I had to check that out. Yeah it turned out that it was a post where they were only talking about how bad my comic was and how unfunny it was.

I won’t lie. It doesn’t sound too bad but yeah I wasn’t happy about it. I was very tempted to start writing back and say a thing or two but I didn’t. I remembered something that the amazing XboxAhoy said once in a video.

“The only way to win at Internet drama is to stay out of Internet drama.”

And I completely agree. I know that my comic isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. But I’ve got my fans! And I’ve done something that I’ve always wanted since I was a kid: I’m drawing comics and I am even making money doing it! And thanks again everyone for supporting this comic. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate it! And please don’t go hunting for the post on reddit and post shit back at them or anything. Nothing good could come out of that so let’s just ignore them. That’s what I’m doing 🙂

Oh yeah, and I included Jeff from “Don’t Hit Save” because we were talking about this at the time and we made a whole joke about that he should have hid his critical posts about my comics better sooo… Yeah, he’s getting the Clockwork Orange treatment 😉

Enjoy, fellow slackers! 😀