Pr0n Pirates
May 5th, 2010

Pr0n Pirates

Yeah, I’ve been very busey the last couple of weeks doing week-related kind of stuff so I didn’t have time to give you guys a new comic. Sorry. So what I did was uploading a guestcomic… Kind of.

This comic was a guestcomic to the popular webcomic “Little Gamers” wich was published on their webpage in december 2008 (Which explains the outdated look on Cthulhu, but oh well). But alot of people are affraid of clicking link appearantly, so I figured I’d publish it now so everyone gets a chance to see it. And quite frankly… I like it. I should do a “Return of the Pr0n Pirates” someday 🙂

Anyway. Enjoy the comic, have a look at the Little Gamers’ webpage, and I will see you guys on Saturday with a NEW comic 🙂