How To Make Comics!
November 14th, 2021

How To Make Comics!

Howdy hey! It’s been a hot minute!

I can’t recommend this method for every aspiring artist out there… Or any aspiring artist. Or anyone else for that matter.

Okay all joking aside, this isn’t really my process. Except for the overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome of course. That does kick in to time to time. But when I came up with this idea it had a totally different punchline. Which I’m not too sure would’ve worked. But sometimes you just need to start working on the comic before the punchline eventually comes to you and it becomes clearer what it should be for comic effect. I guess that would make me a “pantser” in the writing community. As in writing by the seat of your pants and just write where the story takes you. Or something.

Anyway, a short story long, I changed the punchline and now I think it’s better than what I had.

It’s Father’s Day in Sweden today, so I’m off to spend time with the girls now. I’ll catch you dudes later! I love your faces!