Slack Park
May 28th, 2014

Slack Park

Soooo as you probably read on my twitter or saw on my Instagram a while back, I really enjoyed the New South Park game 🙂 It is pretty fucking sweet!

I was amused by the thought of King of Slackers and South Park charing the same universe and that’s how I came up with this comic 🙂

I actually started drawing the South Park cast in my style way way back. About the same time as I drew the “Parks Of War” comic, but I never had any use for them. So it was awesome that I got to ring them out, redraw them (since I’ve gotten better over the years) and then upload the suckers to the interwebs 🙂

So in short: Play the game if you haven’t already, and go watch some SP episodes free on their site and hope you enjoyed the comic as much as I enjoyed drawing it 🙂