Russian Bots
September 7th, 2018

Russian Bots

I’ve had the idea for this character for a while actually. I came across the picture of this robot doppelganger of He-Man from the 80’s and it is HILARIOUS how no one could see the difference between He-Man and this robot named Faker. He’s like an exakt copy of He-Man… Except that he’s got very very plue skin… And bright orange hair…. BUT WHO NOTICES THOSE TINY DETAILS?! That got me thinking of the classic Ninja Turtle villain Metal Head… And Then I wanted to see how I could come up with a robot villain of my avatar 🙂

This was probably like 6 months ago tho. I couldn’t come up with a joke that would fit the character… But then something happened: Russian bots! Now there’s something we can work with!

Anyway… Sunday is the Swedish election day so, my fellow Swedes, Go vote and stay awesome, slacker dudes and dudettes!