A Day At The Zoo
November 27th, 2010

A Day At The Zoo

So on the 6th of November Sam, her whole family and I went to the Melbourne Zoo. And wow! That was an awesome day 🙂 I am very much an animal lover. So when the Zoo is twice, three times as big as the other Zoos I’ve been to… Well I don’t complain 🙂 And not to mention the awesome company I had through the entire day 😉

Anyway, the penguins was definitely one of the high points of the trip. Just look at that middle penguin looking into the camera. He’s so bad ass! 😀 So I figured I’d make a comic about them 🙂 Now, this particular joke was actually meant for our trip to Phillip Island when we looked at the penguins there, but that never really came to be soooo… I used it in this context instead 🙂 And well. “Whatever works” , right? 🙂

So now I am off to keep working on the King Of Slackers Book. But I will see all of you guys and gals on Wednesday! 🙂

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  1. Marie on November 27th, 2010 at 1:43

    LOL it is a funny comic.

    I think the penguins are Sooooo cute 🙂