Vacation Time! – 2016
June 4th, 2016

Vacation Time! – 2016

So yesterday was my last day at work before I whisker off on my vacation for a week! Yes, I only have a vacation for a week because I am saving up the reset of the weeks to go “down under” in March next year. It is gonna be epic, mate! 😀

Practically this won’t change much for you guys, my readers, tough. I’ve got my backlog of comics and I will be uploading this comic to the site tomorrow and on Wednesday I’ll be uploading a new comig but I will be taking a break on Saturday to enjoy my free time. And then the following Wednesday I’ll be back at it again with a new comic 🙂

So technically you’ll get one less comic next week, but I’m sure you guys will survive 🙂 And if you won’t then there’s always a whole archive of 500+ comic strips you can read 😉

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you guys soon!

Enjoy, fellow slackers!