Guest Comic: King of Slackers tribute
October 12th, 2016

Guest Comic: King of Slackers tribute

This was an epic suprise! Diary Of A Squirrel tweeted me the other day and told me that he/she/it had made a guest comic for me! This is what Squirrel wrote:

“Today’s post is dedicated to my Swedish co-comic creator, Tobias Sval√•s, creator of the fabulous King of Slackers – go check it out for some fun slacker webcomics. Tobias has done several squirrel comics, so I’ve owed him one for awhile. I figured I’d give it a go during Squirrel Awareness Month, because he’s a good friends of squirrels. Njut av!”

Thanks again, Squirrel! I super appreciate the time and effort making this comic!

Enjoy, fellow slackers!