The Choice
May 29th, 2019

The Choice

 This one is very much inspired by our visit to Dalesford and their epic book shop called Paradise books. I went in there looking for some Hemingway or any other interesting classic books and I eventually ended at a bookshelf full of Lovecraft stuff! And, indeed, they had two different versions of his “complete fictions” and none of them was complete.

And I did stand there for quite a while trying to decide which one to get. I WAS contemplating knocking out the clerk and making a run for it. Living the rest of my life as a fugitive with two amazing books in his possession. I decided not to go down that road tho because, let’s face it, I’m too pretty to go to prison.

I ended up getting the uglier of the books with the unfinished draft on “Innsmouth”. I will probably get the other book at some point 😛

Stay awesome, my dudes!