This Isn’t My Shirt
January 31st, 2018

This Isn’t My Shirt

This is actually a collaboration with an awesome Scandinavian friend of mine, TakiRainer! We were introduced to eachtoher on someone else’s creative steam and we hit it off right away!

Taki noted that we’ve got very similar fashion sense in our comics so he came up with the idea to do a collaboration comic where we got eachothers shirts by misstake. And this is my contribution! 😀 Taki will be bosting his to his Instagram tomorrow (Wednesday).

So if you want to check out Taki’s stuff, you should check out his Instagram and his Twitch channel where he draws and paints live on Mondays and Thursdays! 😀

Stay awesome, slacker dudes and dudettes!

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  1. Rateus on January 30th, 2019 at 17:02

    I recognised Taki! GJ King