Do Cartoonists Dream Of Comic Sheep?
February 7th, 2018

Do Cartoonists Dream Of Comic Sheep?

So on Jan 31st 2018 it was the 12 year anniversary for this comic strip! A comicversary if you will 😛 It’s funny that after making anniversary comics for some of my other cartoonist friends i was looking forward to my own comicversary… And I almost missed it 😛 This comic is a little bit late since I’ve had a bad case of food poisoning and, you know, life came in between for a few days.

But yeah, wow. 12 years. That’s like three times as long as Annika’s been in this world. I mean I started making this comic strip to make myself work with Photoshop and draw on a regular basis. And I’ve got to say that I’ve kept those skills up.

But I am also humbled that I’ve been able to make some of you laugh at my silly jokes, and even sometimes inspire (hey you guys said it, not me!) some of you dudes and dudettes to do your own creative things.

You, yes you reading this, are awesome, and I hope that I can keep entertaining you for a while longer 🙂

Cheers and stay awesome slacker dudes and dudettes!

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  1. Rateus on January 30th, 2019 at 17:00

    In the sleep of the just…