Guest Comic: Jok
April 24th, 2016

Guest Comic: Jok

Hey! Guess what? It’s time for a guets comic! 😀 Yaaay! Did you know it’s been three and a half years since I last had a guest comic on here? Well todays’s comic comes from Ryan Rogers, creator of Spring Chickens and Zombie Dinosaurs! You guys should read both of those. They are freakin’ awesome!

Well today’s comic comes with a little story. You guys remember that back in early 2014 I was going to have a Guest Comic Week? Well out of the people I know two of them wanted to contribute. That’d be my mate Ebbe, and Ryan. I was holding out for a third comic creator who wanted to contribute buuuut… Yeah that didn’t end well and my PC I had at the time bit the dust. I guess in the midst of all of that I gave up on the whole Guets Comic Week idea and I didn’t tell Ebbe or Ryan unfortunately. That was very shitty of me and I intend to make up for that now! Luckily Ryan still gave me permission to upload the comic so, here it is! In all it’s IKEA glory!

Enjoy, fellow slackers! And don’t forget to read Ryans comics Spring Chickens and Zombie Dinosaurs!