December 19th, 2020


Yeah this is a sad state of affairs really. There’s this Taiwanese horror game that came to Stream but they were review-bombed because, apparently there was this easter egg in the game that said…

“Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh Moron”.

Now, Xi Jinping is the head honcho of the Chinese Communist Party and apparently “Gamers” took to steam to get it off the platform. And they succeeded.

Fast forward to earlier this week when Good Old Games ( announced they were going to release the game on their own gaming platform. Hours after the announcement they backtracked on that saying they had gotten A LOT of complaints from “gamers”.

Yes. Sure. “Gamers”.

You can read the full story here if you feel like it.

It’s very disappointing anyways and I figured I’d make a comic about it. Whenever the game does come out I’ll be sure to pick it up tho. No matter which platform it ends up on. It does look really good. Or maybe I’d even pick up the developer’s other horror game just to support them.

Anyways! Stay awesome, my dudes! I Love your faces!