Canadian Dictator
October 24th, 2015

Canadian Dictator

Canada has had their election recently and they’ve got rid of their previous conservative goverment. Congratulations guys!

It’s a shame that all I heard about the election over here was mostly “OMG! Look at that new Canadian PM! Isn’t he dreamy?” So I was talking to one of my favourite Canadians (yes the Diary Of A Squirrel creator) to see what the Squirrel thought about the election.

It was after this talk that I came up with this comic after reading the DOAS comics about the election where the Squirrel fancied that it’d be a great dictator. This comic and this comic. You can find those comics HERE and HERE. I figured this would be the next logical step 🙂

Anyway, it was a fun comic to draw, and it was awesome to get the Squirrel back into another comic so soon 🙂 Also notice the”Hypno-Toad” reference from Futurama 😉

Enjoy, guys!