Green Nose
October 21st, 2015

Green Nose

Another comic about Annika and er shenanigans! So about a month ago Annika put a pea up her nose for the first time. And by one pea I mean a couple of peas. And pieces of corn. Because she could, I guess :p

Don’t worry though, we’ve got them all out 😉

Anyway, it has happened a few times since then and I came up with this comic. I know that’s not how peas actually grow and work but I’m no botanist :p I just make comics!

Again, it’s always awesome to draw Annika. And this time around it was fun to draw her in THE FUTURE!!! (Notice the doctor who scarf. Maybe she’ll be a who-Ian like her Aunty Britt-chu. Who knows)

Also notice the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome hair I’ve got in the future. I just drew it and I thought to myself “That looks awfully familiar”! Ah well. It turned out really nicely 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the comic, my fellow slackers!