Silent Comic
February 16th, 2011

Silent Comic

Today’s comic was inspired by the old 1920’s movie “Metropolis”. And as you can probably figure out, it is a silent movie :)

So yeah I borrowed Metropolis from Samantha’s cousin, but I didn’t actually watch it. But I did remember some scenes from it since I’ve seen it before. But nit really got me thinking that it’s a very awesome thing that the director succeeded in making such a touching and beautiful movie, even though they didn’t have any sound :) And the soundless part got me thinking of comics :)

Anyway, it was fun playing around with the effects in this comic. I know a lot of people would just go ctrl+alt+U and said “done!”, but I love the black and white movies too much to do that :) It’s the little things that counts :)

Well next comic will be up on the 18th… On my birthday :) I’m such an old man.

Now I am off to do other things! You guys take care and I’ll see you then!