Drunken Fist
April 13th, 2017

Drunken Fist

I actually wrote this joke on the first day that Iron Fist was uploaded on Netflix but it turned out that they actually used a character that did the drunken master style later in the season. Oh well! I still didn’t want to waste a perfectly good joke 🙂 Also I’m happy that I could tie this one to the last comic since. As if my character had been drunk since Beer Day!

So how good is Iron Fist? Well. It’s a Marvel Netflix series so of course it’s great! But I’ve got to say that the second half of this season was probably the weakest out of all the other Marvel Netflix seasons. The first half was great tho! Especially one episode that acts out like a kung-fu tournament that makes you think of 70’s Kung-Fu movies of yore!

As for the comic itself it turned out pretty decent. I probably could have done better. But since we are all sick there’s been little to no time to actually sit down and work on the comics. I’m actually quite surprised I manage to finish this one today so… Yeah! Go me!

Stay awesome, slacker dudes and dudettes!