Epic Music Video
July 16th, 2017

Epic Music Video

Deftones are one of my faviourite bands ever! If you haven’t listened to them in a while you deserve to listen to Rocket Skates, Be Quiet And Drive and/or You’ve Seen The Butcher.

Speaking of You’ve seen The Butcher, I came up with this idea while watching that music video. It’s very… Uhm… Nice looking. Yes. Since I listen to a lot of Deftones while at work it’d probably be a little bit weird if I had this music video up and a co-worker saw it out of context on the screen. And well from there it kind of took off in a different direction, but that’s how this idea started anyway.

It’s a silly joke but, hey, I like it. And I hope you did too!

Stay awesome, slacker dudes, dudettes!

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  1. Rateus on January 31st, 2019 at 9:09

    Nothing says music video like ladies gratuitously in their underwear!