Beardtastic Part 3
December 11th, 2014

Beardtastic Part 3

You know it had to be done. THE BEARD RETURNS! 😀 … What? You guys don’t remember the Beardtastic comics I did last year?

Ok ok, so I don’t do the whole Movember thing. But I figured I’d just let my beard grow a little bit in general as opposed to my regular beard. I’ve got to say that I like it so far 🙂 I even have a beard comb now to keep it in control! :O Yes. Very manly indeed 😛 It’s got noting to do with the Movember-charity-thing but still, IF you’ve got some extra cash laying around maybe you should donate some of that to cancer research in general.

Doesn’t matter if it is breast cancer or prostate cancer. It’s all deadly and I am sure that the researchers still need your help. So you should look into that.

Beards! 😀