Internet Justice Friends Returns
February 16th, 2017

Internet Justice Friends Returns

This was a really fun comic to make. I mean, I’ve been planning on making Agent LOLcat and TweetBird reacurring characters but it was suprisingly hard to come up with jokes for those two. Also it turns out they didn’t actually arrest Julian Assange. I mean at the time it really really seemed like it was just a matter of time before CIA got him but fortunatly they didn’t. Good on you Julian!

So anyway, after 6 years and a couple of months Agent LOLcat and TweetBird are back baby! I’ve got another joke with them written down as well so they probably will become reaccuring characters after all 🙂

Stay awesome, fellow slacker dudes and dudettes!


  1. cyberskull on February 17th, 2017 at 18:49

    i hope so beacause they are funny, do what you are best at

  2. Tobbe on February 20th, 2017 at 10:23

    I’m glad to head that you found them funny! They are funny to write too 🙂