Social Distancing
March 23rd, 2020

Social Distancing

Yeah this is basically what we’re doing at the moment 😛 The kids are home and I’m working from home. Also Annika started coughing today so we’re not sure if she’s got it or just got a “regular” cold. But anyway, we’re staying away from everyone and everything for a while and we’ll see how it goes.

And yes, I finally got around to watching “Joker” the other day. It was pretty great actually! It’s just a shame that as soon as something does well with DC they’re jumping on it and go overboard with it. Like in the Joker’s case I’m sure they said that there were “MULTIPLE sequels in the works”.

I don’t know if it even needs A sequel. But def not MULTIPLE ones. I dunno. I like it that it stands on it’s own to be honest 🙂

I noticed a couple of spelling errors buuut… Yeah I’ll fix that later.

Stay awesome and stay healthy you amazing people!

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