Babysitter Miami
March 4th, 2016

Babysitter Miami

Lately I’ve taken up playing Hotline Miami again on the PC, and I am having a blast! HM is a ultra violent kind of puzzle game set in the 80’s where the main character wears different animal masks to take down the local Russian mob. Of course that’s not the only thing going on of course though.

The main character gets his missions though “coded” phonecalls that’s gone to his answering machine. So they’ll say to take someone out on a “date” or “deal with the pest control” or as one of the first missions say… “We need a baby sitter to give our noisy kids a stern talking to”. Wich made me think of this joke. I don’t know. It made me laugh anyway 🙂

Here’s a video that shows what Hotline Miami is all about in case you are interested:

Enjoy, fellow slackers!