In Case I’m Not Back In 24 Hours…
April 21st, 2021

In Case I’m Not Back In 24 Hours…

Based on a totally true story! I bought a longboard like 3 years ago with the intention of learning… Eventually. I made up my mind in fall 2019 that in the summer of 2020 I’d DEFINITELY learn how to longboard.

Yeah that obviously didn’t happen.

And then last week I got myself a proper helmet and figured that “Well if I’m gonna wait until Corona’s gone it’ll probably be in like 2051, so might as well start now”.

And not to toot my own horn or anything, it’s going surprisingly well so far! I mean I never wanted to do any tricks or anything like that but just cruising around and take it easy, ya know? It’s quite a nice sense of freedom. I totally recommend trying it out 😊

So anyways, take it easy and be nice to yourselves, my dudes! I truly love your faces!