A Robot Named Fight
October 8th, 2017

A Robot Named Fight

So Nintendo released their latest Metroid game the other day and from what I’ve seen it seems pretty damn awesome! Even tho it’s the remake of Metroid 2 from 1991 It’s nice that we are getting any kind of Metroid games nowadays since Nintendo seem to mostly focus on more Mario and Zelda.

But not only that. A little game called “A Robot Named Fight!” was released on Stream. What’s that you ask? Turns out it’s a game by a single programmer where he programmed a very Metroid like game, but it’s a procedurally-generated rogue like (a game where you die you’ll have to start over from the beginning)! And as you can see, it looks A LOT like Metroid. Like… Redicilously similar. Just some color-swaps.

To be completely honest, I am quite surprised that Nintendo hasn’t cracked down on this guy. I mean, I’m happy that they haven’t (since they did crack down on that fan-made remake of Metroid 2 a few years back), and Nintendo are very very protective with their stuff. I mean, the more Metroid like games the better if you ask me!

So yeah, even if the comic strip is a bit agressive agressive towards A Robot Named Fight, I really don’t mind it. I’m still happy it’s still around. Like I said, the more Metroid the better 🙂

Enjoy, slacker dudes and dudettes!