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 July 10th, 2010 

Cure For Nakedness

Thanks to the awesome people over at, you can now order official King Of Slackers-merchandise in the KOS-store. Mind you that the store isn’t 100% design-wise, there is still some tinkering that needs to be done there, but the store and everything around it works just fine.

Yes I know I am whoring myself out a little bit, but this is way too awesome for me to pass up. Besides I hardly make any money off of this. I get a royalty of 10%. So if you buy a hoodie for $50, I get $5. So like I said: It’s not much, but it is fucking awesome 🙂

I will update the store regularly as well and add products as they come along. A Humping Kung-Fu Monkeys T-shirt is coming up for example. So keep your eyes open.

So if you want to support the comic anyway you can, either order something from the shop, or just click the donate button on the right panel. It is very much appreciated.

Aussies click here and Sweden and the rest of the world click over here.


  1. Sam on July 13th, 2010 at 8:14

    Awesome!! 😀 The hoodies look great!

  2. Tobbe on July 15th, 2010 at 13:05

    Thanks!! 😀